The Siren’s Dream, Aleksandra Niemczyk, rencontre bandits-mages

The Siren’s Dream

Aleksandra Niemczyk

The Siren’s Dream is a multichannel video artwork researching how mental and emotional crises and traumas in the life of a woman can trigger visual hallucinations, symbolism, and visions of artificial realities.

The starting point is a video adaptation inspired by the paintings of the surrealist painter Leonora Carrington (including “The Siren’s Dream”) who, after a period in a mental asylum, produced a series of works in which traumatic emotions are translated into a magical and fantastic reality of visions populated by hybrid creatures interacting with each other in a ghostly narration.

Rather than portray the visionary, it is the visions themselves that will be illustrated through a film and sound installation. As the project progresses, visions of other troubled minds will elaborate a collective perception of the unknown world.

She writes:

“The intention of my project is to lead the way through the artificially sculpted surreal landscape of the dreams of a troubled individual, in order to visualise, analyze, and process the complex symbolism and mechanisms of a mind that, after experiencing shock after shock, turns to visions and other forms of intuitive therapeutic methods that challenge society’s norms, rules, and dominant aesthetics. The conclusion of my attempts will be concretized through the creation of tangible fantasy objects combined with ghostly projections of the non-narrative film and sound installation”.


Every day 3 pm to 6 pm


35 Rue de Séraucourt
18000 Bourges
Aleksandra Niemczyk holds a Master of Fine Arts (Painting and Lithography) and also a Master’s degree in Film Directing. Her short films and debut feature film have been selected for film festivals around the world including Locarno, New Horizons, IndieLisboa, and Sarajevo.
Her visual language is rooted in her experience as a painter, a medium she has cultivated for the past 15 years, exhibiting her work in Scandinavian and international galleries to a very positive response from art collectors and the public.
She was a student of Béla Tarr as part of the first generation of MA’s graduating from his ‘film.factory’ program at Sarajevo Film Academy, studying under internationally-respected filmmakers such as Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Khavn De La Cruz, Agnieszka Holland, Lav Diaz, Pedro Costa, Gus Van Sant, the Quay brothers, James Benning, Thierry Garrel, Boris Lehman, Cristian Mungiu, Carlos Reygadas, and Guy Maddin.
Aleksandra has been invited to develop, execute, and exhibit her projects at several artist residencies including Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo (Japan, 2016), Hole Artcenter Artist Residency (Norway, 2013-2015), Høyanger Artist Residency Norway 2016, Zadar Snova International Festival of Contemporary Theater (Croatia, 2017), and Artist Residency EMAN/EMARE in collaboration with Graeme Cole at Bandits-Mages, Bourges (France 2017).