Round table and meeting Art, Science and Technologies

Member of the EMAP network (oriented media arts European residencies network), Bandits-Mages organizes a meeting on the relationship between Art, Science and Technology on Friday 16 November from 14h00 to 17h30. It is based on the exhibition of the artists in residence EMAP 2018, and on the hosting of several of the association’s European partners: Werkleitz (Germany), Impakt (Holland), Onassis Cultural Center – Athens (Stegi), RIXC (Latvia), Kontejner (Croatia) and Laboral (Spain), as well as its local partners: Emmetrop (Bourges) and La Labomedia (Orléans). On the basis of the presented experiences and concrete projects, these meetings will allow to draw up an inventory of collaborations between the art world and the world of science and technology. They will allow us to imagine collectively a horizon of possibilities togetherwith companies, and to discuss the future of productions and imaginaries resulting from inter-disciplinary projects in areas where engineering, artistic creation and scientific research meet. Genialis, partner company of the Plateforme des arts visuels de Bourges (Emmetrop, Bandits-Mages and Ensa de Bourges) will participate in this meeting. In 2019, Genialis, a research company, platform of resources and methods at the service of conducting innovative projects, particularly in the agri-food and cosmetics sectors, will host the first residencies for artists in companies in the Centre Region, under the guidance of the Visual Arts Platform.

With the participation of The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation. Under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation works to fund projects in two areas of great importance for human development: Food to sustain life and Art to nourish the mind.


▶ 2H – 5H30 p.m


24-26 route de la Chapelle
18000 Bourges