Wild Waves, feminist futurotopies

r∆∆dio c∆∆rgo and spideralex

Workshop of speculative writing for feminist technologies and collective radio storytelling by Spideralex and r∆∆dio c∆∆rgo

A workshop to reclaim our relationships with techniques and technologies, to subvert these techniques, to blur genders and blow up codes and rules: to interlock emerging worlds with appealing futures

What kind of fantasies do we have for feminist, relevant, ancestral, sovereign, autonomous, liberating and anti-capitalist techniques and technologies?

What would those technologies look like? Of what would it be made and for what purpose? Who would build, maintain and recycle those technologies? In which ecosystem would it make sense?

Along the four days of workshop, our workplace will turn into a time travel space machine, we will no longer be submitted to physical, time and space laws. Together we will create tales and speculative fabulations that will focus, as soon as they will be told or thought, on changing the world. We will experiment at the crossroad of cyberfeminism and ecofeminism, through different methodologies and forms in order to create stories and tales that allow us to take back control of techniques and technologies we want to see bloom and spread.

In parallel of writing stories we will also focus on how to tell those stories through sound textures, verbal and non-verbal, made during the week. Daily practice of “group tuning” (relaxation , vocal warm-ups and breathing exercices, collective listening, story-telling) will be part of our work in order to build a common imaginary world specific to our group.

This workshop is a collective experience, a gathering to summon the magic of words and sounds letting the fantasies they hold instill our commun memory, our presents and our futures.

The restitution of the workshop could be a radio show as a feminist technology transmitting to the world a performed summoning of the fresh made technologies to produce a cyborg rêverie through the stream.

Made of tales and fabulations invented during the week, broadcasted or performed on air, this radio show would be like a novels and poems collection, a grimoire of liberating spells, a manual for a libidinous uses of technologies.

Tags: Body, Machines, Nature Culture, Trans-Formation, freaky SF, Install Party, Utopian semantic and semiology, rêverie that make possible….

For Whom ?

  • For every person practicing feminism and wanting to reclaim technologies in relationship to the world
  • This workshop is participative, joyful and experimental. It is highly recommended to come with a sharing desire, to make donation of your daydream, to experiment collectively, walk the talk…
  • Ingredients needed: Imagination, daydream, surprise, wondering, radicality, humour, anti-capitalism + anti-patricalism, holistic approach
  • Material: books, images, CD, audio, sound object, synthesizer, music instrument. If you have inspiring objects for your utopian daydreams and fabulations bring them with you!!!!


  • During the workshop we will try to only use free and/or feminist tools to communicate and collaborate between us and to diffuse and broadcast our production (visual, audio, writings, etc)
  • All creations will be shared under a Creative Commons licence to recognize every authors and contributors, to request to share the productions under the same licence, to exclude commercial use and to allowed derivative works.

Suggested licence: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/deed.fr


WORKSHOP – Wild Waves (Ondes Sauvages), feminist futurotopies (Futurotopies féministes), speculative-writing workshop about feminist technologies and cyborg narration conducted by r∆∆dio c∆∆rgo and spideralex
▶ 10:00 am 1:00 pm / 2:00 pm 6:00 pm


24-26 Route de la chapelle
18000 Bourges
Price : 25 € the 5-day workshop (5€ per day) 

Workshops : Full
Contact : Julien Record +33 2 48 50 42 47

 FRIDAY 16th

Restitution of the Workshop 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm


24-26 route de la Chapelle
18000 Bourges
Credits© rΔΔdio cΔΔrgo
r∆∆dio c∆∆rgo is an art collective created by Aurélia Nardini and Christophe Aslanian in 2017 and based in Bourges.
r∆∆dio c∆∆rgo is interested in the specific dynamics that we can summon and generate from collective radio circles. Inspired by Queer culture, Ecofeminism, Feminist Science Fiction and Witchcraft, r∆∆dio c∆∆rgo focuses on weaving narrative soundscapes that each participant can shape and reshape with words, storytelling, musical improvisation or Foley art (live sound effects).
r∆∆dio c∆∆rgo is involved in different educational actions mixing an aesthetic, political and poetic approach with various publics like minor refugees learning french, art students, musicians, artists or (h)ac(k)tivists…
r∆∆dio c∆∆rgo is supported by the DRAC and the Région Centre-Val de Loire and also by the National Superior Art School of Bourges.
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Spideralex is a cyberfeminist and free technologies freak. She has founded in 2006 the collective Donestech that explores the relation between gender and technologies developing action research, documentaries and training. She has coordinated an international network for Tactical Tech called “The gender and technology Institutes” developing training and curricular contents for including gender into privacy and digital security. She is the editor of two volumes about the panorama of technological sovereignty initiatives. She also supports feminist infrastructure initiatives such as feminists servers. Recently she has edited with Sophie Toupin a special issue on “Radical Feminist Storytelling and Speculative Fiction: Creating new worlds by re-imagining hacking”. She enjoys doing holistic security and speculative fiction workshops with women and feminists around the world. Some of her work can be found at:
https://donestech.net/ https://vimeo.com/lelacoders https://legacy.gitbook.com/@sobtec https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/ https://adanewmedia.org/2018/05/issue13-toupin-spideralex/ https://zoiahorn.anarchaserver.org/specfic/ https://anarchaserver.org/
Credits© Spideralex