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Paula Pin

Exhibition of the Biotranslab/gynepunk/pechblenda
General objectives that result in the final realization of the BioTransLab mobile laboratory  :

  • Increase self-anatomical knowledge through pleasure and biomedical research.
  • Generate accessible tools and techniques to improve knowledge and practices on sexual health and ecological environments.
  • Reduce the cost of scientific instruments through recycling, reuse and creativity. It is located at the crossroads between scientific research, the culture of do it yourself, replicating open science solutions and Open Source and biohacking networks and the cooperation between virtual and physical networks for the creative and ingenious development of new or applied solutions.
  • Generate spaces of visibility and debate about dissident sexualities and health rights of sex workers from a Transfeminist perspective.
  • The empowerment of the base to have tools to fight against sexual violence, discrimination and stigmatization of medical institutions, and bioselfdefense (HIV tests, HPV tests, pregnancy tests, contraceptive techniques, menstrual extraction, hormones and information alternative on the termination of pregnancy).
  • Creation of tools for a basic and functional mobile biolab of diagnosis and knowledge of the body and environment that we inhabit. It will be scalable and applicable according to the needs of communities and environments.

The whole process in hackteriaLab wiki, Calafou wiki and now in the present turned to the GidSpinoza wiki

Artistic Statement and Approach

In the last years after my graduation from Fine Arts College, I have been developing an interest in DIY-DIWO technologies, hacking and hardware electronics, in a context of learning by doing in a transhackfeminist electronics open laboratory (Pechblenda) that I co-founded in Calafou, a free technologies based in ecology and open source ideals. Calafou is the place where different personalities whose trajectories are linked to collectives dealing with trans-gender, transhackfeminist, activist research, technological sovereignty, ecological issues, audiovisual production, transformation of spaces and performances. As a one person that was living there for the last four years I was involved in the day live developments and co-organizing most of the free, open technology events there.

My active participation in the lab Pechblenda and Transnoise, besides my social ideals and my work as a noise performance, has taken me to many spaces and contexts, specially  to the point of starting to collaborate in Hackteria, a biohacking network. Open up again the opportunity to give up workshops as a facilitator all around the world always putting the focus on spread the knowledge and share experience over a transfeminism horizontal perspective.

The last two years, after bio and transhackfeminist values I have been designing and fabricating the devices for a Mobile Lab  that is used for autonomous gynecology practices and investigation. As my knowledge in electronics is based on open source and DIY, the devices included in the laboratory are portable replications of a microscope, a speculun done with a 3D printer, an incubator and a centrifuge.


Every day 3 pm to 6 pm


35 Rue de Séraucourt
18000 Bourges

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th

11 am – 5 pm : Workshop mobile lab suit cases :::: Malpin BIOtransLab
Daily rate : Full 20€ / Reduced 10€ (Students, job-seekers)

Workshops : Registration by email
Contact : Julien Record +33 2 48 50 42 47


18:00: Restitution d’atelier


24-26 route de la Chapelle
18000 Bourges
Paula Pin (Lugo, 1982) is a Transhackfeminist performer and researcher, graduated from art schools in Barcelona and Sao Paulo. Her work travels the fields of abstract video and circuit-bending, going through research at the frontiers of biology, art and queer. Plants, micro-organisms, alternative energies, the question of the laboratory, made her think of her body in a new angle, integrated in the sense of a complex network of interactions, blurring the tracks between machines, animals, plants, and opening up new horizons for art and performance.