KOKO, A Talking Gorilla

Barbet Schrœder (France, 1978, 80 min).
within the framework of Jeux de langage curated by Erik Bullot

Koko is a 7 years-old gorilla. Koko was entrusted by the zoo of San Francisco to Penny Patterson, a student in psychology. She has been teaching him the American sign language since her youngest age. Koko knows 350 words. One of the oldest dreams of the humanity becomes true: an animal speaks with a human…


▶ 9:00 pm : Film screening
Price : 4€


12 boulevard Clemenceau
18000 Bourges
Érik Bullot is a filmmaker and theoretician. He makes films halfway between documentary and experimental cinema. He recently published Le Film et son double. Huckster, ventriloquism, performativity (Geneva, Mamco, 2017) and prepares a film on the language of birds. He teaches cinema at the École nationale supérieure d’art de Bourges (France).