Unstable Reality and Shifting Knowledges
Mending the Fabric of the World

Reality has become unsteady, slipping through our fingers.

How to get a hold of it when everything is surface within social networks flow, as foam of a wave replacing another that had barely taken shape.

Internet had been dreamed as a global village agora, where to share knowledges and as the artificial consciousness of a finally reunited humankind. It now also turns out as (self) propaganda displaying an egotistical vision of one’s self and of the world.

How to get a hold of it when sciences complexity grows bigger along with bio-technologies opening up to troubling possibles, breeding ground of all dystopian and utopian fantasies.

Between fake news and the reemergence of situated knowledges and of empirical and vernacular knowledges, the Western science crisis also -and mostly- outlines a yearning for re-appropriation and plural knowledges sharing.

How to get a hold of it when certitudes and categories are collapsing, when I literally is an Other, coexisting in the same body with bacteria, when identities are fluid and when genres are multiple.

In a the time when we are rediscovering the systemic inter-dependance of the Living and of the Earth system, when we have only neighbours, in terms of both territories and living beings, from algae and micro-organisms, to plants, and animals, and to our “Human Brothers” living in the same time space we do, but also to those before us, and those yet to be coming, how to reinhabit this world and in our selves?

This 2018 Rencontres Bandits-Mages  edition is based on a selection of pieces created during the artists in residence programme of the EMAP network*.